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Garage Organization

  • Time to get control of your garage?
  • Want to get the car or truck in the garage?
  • Need better storage solutions?
  • Want an extended activity space?

If you answered yes to any of these and would like a clean, functional space for your car, hobbies, and storage – then contact us today for your free garage organization consultation. We are passionate about garage organization and create solutions to store lawn & sports equipment, tools, decorations, and more so you can access items quickly and easily.

Simply Organized Garage– Our systems help create a simply organized garage providing you with more time for what you enjoy. We have everything you need for garage organization including:

  • Garage Cabinets
  • Work Benches
  • Garage Shelving
  • Garage Overhead Storage
  • Garage Storage Systems
  • Garage Accessories
  • Garage Flooring

We will turn your garage organization dreams into reality.


Our superior-grade cabinets with full backs bring luxury to your garage while providing the best protection for your stored items. Wall mounted construction prevents water damage and makes cleaning your garage simple.


Create a hobby space or custom work center with our versatile work bench options. Multi-sized drawers, doors, and custom countertops are designed with your lifestyle in mind.


Keep your garage organized and clutter-free with our wall mounted storage systems. Movable hooks, baskets, and specialized racks provide easy access to everyday items. Choose either PVC Slat Wall or Steel Grid Wall for your preference. Overhead racks are also available for storing seasonal items.

Garage slat wall accessories in Dallas-Fort Worth.


Accessories simply snap onto the Slat Wall or Grid Wall panels without tools and can easily be rearranged as your storage needs change. We offer an extensive selection of accessories including durable hooks, sports racks, tool holders, baskets, and more.


Our Ceiling & Wall Storage racks have high weight storage capacity providing you the perfect storage solution for seasonal and bulky items.

Garage flooring in Dallas-Fort Worth.


Closet Systems features modular flooring which lays the foundation for the finest garages, showrooms, and events in the world. Engineered to assemble quickly, modular flooring tiles can be configured in several custom color combinations. It is durable, easy to maintain and comes with a 15-year warranty.

Benefits of our Modular Flooring

  • Many styles, colors & patterns available
  • Slip & Chemical resistant
  • 15-year warranty
  • Quick Installation
  • Designed for heavy traffic


At Closet Systems, we know that designing a garage with storage and organization to meet your needs can seem like a challenging task. That’s why our garage design consultant will meet with you to assess your project and discuss your needs and preferences. We use our exclusive 3D design software to create a visual rendering of your proposed space so you can see your custom-designed solution come to life. Changes can then be made to achieve the perfect garage organization system for you. After your project has been reviewed and you have chosen your design styles and finishes, we will provide you with an estimate and projected completion date.


Your new system will be installed with first rate service on a timeline that works for you. Our professional installers will treat your garage with care and bring your vision to life. We will install your new system to the exact specifications of the design. When your installation is completed, we will make sure your new garage organization system is perfectly clean and ready for use. Your satisfaction is our first priority.

Whether you enjoy DIY projects, vehicles, camping, gardening, athletics, or crafts, or hobbies, we will construct a garage organization system to accommodate your lifestyle.

Contact Closet Systems today to learn more about the possibilities in store for you with a customized garage storage system.

Request a free, in-home design consultation today in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area!

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